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Fernando has been making music as long as he remembers. At the age of  twelve, he started taking music theory and classical guitar lessons at the Belgium Academy of Music. He was fourteen when he had the opportunity to try on an electric guitar, from a local band friend. Soon after he formed his first band with three close friends. Their music was the radio tunes of the times and the members were playing cheap accoustic guitars. The band last a few months and was dismantled without a name or a gig. 
At sixteen, after working two months during the school summer break, he bought his first electric guitar, a red 1966 Hofner Verithin. He formed his first blues band "Agnus Dei" covering songs from Chicken Shack, Groundhogs, Taste and later Rory Gallagher.  He was known around as the belgian Gallagher. He got himself a Fender Strat along with an AC30 Vox connected to a doublestack Marshall Amp. Those were the days. 

During that time, the blues scene in Charleroi, Belgium, was dominated by a band named "Vacation", a blues power trio with an excellent guitarist Luigi Collu. In 1973, at the departure of Luigi, Fernando was asked to join the band.  They recorded a few singles until he left in 1975. 
Fernando moved to Toronto Canada an started playing with "F.E.B."  until 1980 when he moved to the Ottawa region. He left the music scene to take care of his young family. 
During the eighties, he started playing classical guitar in local restaurants and private parties. He also was teaching classical guitar. 
With the advent of the digital computer technology, in the nineties, he started recording music.  He took courses in music engineering and productions at the Trebas Institute of Recording Arts and enjoying playing blues again. He joined the "See See Rider Blues Band" and performed with them for many years. 
While still playing with them, he also played live with many other musicians. 
It was 2010 when he decided to perform and record under his own name. 

His music is blues. His songs are original and when he cover a song, he modifies it to make it his own, as you can attest while listening to "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" and the Beatles blues version of "I Saw Her Standing There"


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